Camel Milk: The Benefits and Uses

November 13, 2018

Not many are aware of the benefits of camel milk. From the health benefits of raw camel milk to using it in items such as camel milk soap, baked goods, and cheeses, camel milk has been utilized far beyond our time. Throughout India and other communities, camel milk has been highly beneficial.

Camilk is one of the largest and fastest growing camel dairy companies to date and has exceeded expectations for research on how to use camel milk in your everyday life to boost overall health.

The Expansion of Camel Milk

As previously mentioned, camel milk is used in a wide variety of products. Camilk offers many of these products including original camel milk and dried milk. They are currently working on many other beneficial products such as chocolate, cheeses, and more.


Being one of the largest and reasonably priced camel milk dairies in the world, Camilk is expanding their business to countries where camel milk has never been an option before. Places such as Australia have already adapted to using camel milk much more than many countries that have not even heard of it as an option.

Most countries still are unaware of the immaculate nutritional value that camel milk holds. However, that could all change very soon. While there is no proceeding indication that the world will make the switch over cow’s milk, camel milk is slowly becoming a widespread popular alternative with many uses beyond consumption.

Health Benefits of Camel Milk Cheese

Uses of camel milk vary to great extents.

One of the most common uses is turning camel milk into cheese. Even though cheese made from camel milk is much more difficult to make than cheese from the milk of any other dairy animal, it is arguably extensively worth the difficulty.

Based on nutritional data alone, camel cheese (if you will) is progressively becoming more popular for obvious health reasons. The protein content of cheese made from camel milk is much higher than the protein content found in other cheeses such as cow or goat milk.


Benefits of Camel Milk

Camilk dairy


Camel Milk Nutrition

Camel milk is a healthier alternative than traditional cow milk in America.

Nutritionally, camel’s milk is lower in total fat and saturated fat, but equal to cow’s milk in total calories and protein, “Camel’s milk also has more iron and vitamin C than cow’s milk, but cow’s milk was never a good source of these nutrients”, claims Adoob, a respected professional in the nutrition of camel milk.


Camel Milk Soap Benefits for Skin

It is said that one of Cleopatra’s beauty secrets was bathing in a tub full of camel’s milk…

Milk is making its way to places far beyond consumption and health purposes. Many cosmetic companies have taken it upon themselves to utilize this great product in soaps and lotions. EU certification is now allowing imports of camel milk, by commercial quantities and its by-products, into Europe. Camel milk has been shown to provide protection from the harsh desert sun, but commercial quantities of camel milk were not available until a few years ago.

Products such as camel milk soaps and lotions have a wide range of benefits on the skin. Products like these are packed with vitamins to give your skin a healthier glow, just like Cleopatra.

While there are not many camels in the United States yet, the United States has an imported population of 5,000 camels, forward-thinking companies like Camilk are currently working on producing and selling higher levels of camel milk in the States.

Camilk and other companies are expanding the knowledge and nutritional facts behind the superiority of camel milk, as opposed to other dairy products. These companies are looking towards the future of medicinal purposes, health, cosmetics, and foods. If you’re interested in further benefits of camel milk for your health, we highly encourage you to keep researching. Try out the product for yourself today.

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