**Why should I drink camel milk?
Camel milk is full of natural goodness and has far greater health benefits than other types of milk. It’s low in lactose and cholesterol while being rich in proteins. In addition to this, camel milk is proven to be healthier than Cow and Goat milk.

**Does Camilk use fresh, 100% natural Camel milk?
At Camilk, we put every effort into ensuring that the quality of our camel milk is second to none. We use the most advanced technology to collect, process, and package our camel milk so that you’ll receive the freshest product possible.

**What do the camels eat at the farms?
Our wonderful girls are free to graze on our best fresh pasture, we ensure they stay happy and healthy by providing them free access to hay that we grow and harvest ourselves so that they can balance their diets as they need. As a treat our camels love lucerne hay, broccoli, spinach and silver-beet.

**What’s the best way to store and consume Camilk?
Once you have received your fresh camel milk, store the bottle in the refrigerator, and it is best if consumed within 5 days. However, you can also freeze any bottle of Camilk for up to 6 months before thawing it and enjoying it the same as you would fresh. Remember that milk that has been thawed cannot be Refrozen.

If you had ordered the frozen products from us, you can keep it up to 6 months in the freezer before thawing it and enjoying a nice cup of camel milk. Before you drink your product, don't forget to shake well since it is usual for the fat in defrosted milk to separate.

**Is Freeze Dried Milk Powder the same quality as fresh Camel milk?
Absolutely. Our Freeze Dried Raw Milk Powder camel milk is 100% natural and retains all the beneficial nutrients that fresh camel milk contains. At Camilk, we guarantee that both our Freeze Dried Raw Milk Powder and our fresh camel milk products are exactly the same high quality.

**What does Camel milk taste like?
At Camilk, we’re proud to say that we’ve achieved the perfect balance between sweet and salty camel milk. This is all down to the unique and balanced diet our camels enjoy at our various farms across the globe.

**How much Camel milk can I consume daily?
This is totally up to you and depends on your dietary requirements or personal preferences. As camel milk isn’t a drug or medication there aren’t any universal dosage limits. However, we’re sure that you’ll work out what’s right for you after just 1 glass of delicious Camilk.

**Is Camel milk safe for children to drink?
Just like any other milk you can find available, camel milk is perfectly safe for your children to drink. With that being said, it’s always worth consulting with your physician first to ensure that there is no reason why your child cannot drink camel milk.

**What kind of camel milk products are there?
We have kefir, frozen, raw, and pasteurized milk in 8oz., 16oz., and 32oz. servings. We have the Freeze Dried Raw Milk Powder, and Spray Dried Milk Powder. We have soap, and protein bars.

**Is camel milk pasteurized?
Yes. Camilk is the only dairy farm that offers continuous flow pasteurization. This means that we are the only dairy farmers who offer pasteurization that preserves nutrients in the milk rather than losing it due to regular pasteurization.

**Where are the Camilk farms located?
We have farms in Australia, UAE, USA, and Morocco, and we sell our products in the EU. We hope to expand to five continents with over 10,000 camels producing 20,000 litres of milk a day.

**Can I heat camel milk?
Like any other forms of milk, you can heat camel milk for a delicious warm drink! You can also add it to coffee or tea!

**Can I use camel milk in foods I use cow’s milk with? Like baking?
Of course! You can add it into any recipe requiring milk! It’s perfect for baking!

**Are there added chemicals in camel milk?
No, our camel milk is 100% natural!

**Can I drink camel milk if I’m lactose-intolerant?
Researchers have proven that Camel milk is a better choice for people suffering from lactose intolerance.

**How do I know if the camel milk has gone bad?
You can find out if your camel milk has gone bad by its smell. It will resemble the redolence of spoiled cow milk.

**Are there diseases that come in camel milk?
Camilk guarantees fresh and quality camel milk that has been pasteurized to kill off any harmful bacteria. It is strongly recommended that camel milk be taken within 5 days for the highest quality and freshness or stored in freezer and consumed within 6 months.

Can I order products directly from CAMILK's website?
Yes, you can! Just click on the Products page, choose whichever camel milk product you want, and click “Add to Cart”!

Are there reduced fat camel milk products?
There are no reduced fat camel milk products as of yet.

Can I recycle the CAMILK bottle?
Yes! The bottles at Camilk are made of BPA-Free plastic and can be 100% recycled!

Are there different flavors of CAMILK?
We will have flavored milk products soon.

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