Review of Camilk Dairy Camel Milk

November 13, 2018

Camilk is a successful camel milk industry with bases of farms across Australia, Asia, Morocco, Europe, and soon in the United States of America. Camilk is widely grown and is very popular with anyone interested in new ways to treat illness. They claim to feed their camels the healthiest produce available, ensuring that none of the fruits or vegetables contain unhealthy GMOs and that each camel receives a balanced diet. Camilk claims they feed their camels only the best because it is essential for defining the flavor and nutritional value of the milk the camels produce. Their top and first priority lie in maintaining the cleanliness and quality of the farms to ensure that the camels are clean well-fed and healthy.


Camilk: An Expanding Camel Milk Farm

At this time the Camilk Australian dairy farm location is the biggest in size and technology of camel farms in history. Their main purpose is to spread the word of camel milk and the benefits that come with using it in your everyday lives. Camilk is currently trying to build more farms in as many as five continents to expand their business. Establishing camel farms across multiple countries such as:

  • Australia
  • Asia
  • Morocco
  • United States

Camilk has gone to great lengths to ensure that each farm maintains high standards. They maintain strict restrictions on how their camels, and the environment of their camels, are treated. Using the latest milking technology, Camilk imposes strict standards when collecting, processing, and packaging the milk from each and every camel on site. With the goal to expand their industry to include farms located on five different continents, the company hopes to become the only global camel farm in history.

Their second location, established in Abu Dhabi, is currently the third largest dairy farm in the United Arab Emirates. Holding over 1100 camels, this dairy farm, like all the others, provides clean housing for the camels and workers, as well as premium food sources for the camels. In an attempt to bring Camel milk to health-conscious American consumers with a need for alternative sources of vitamins from cows’ milk, the company is now working with other trusted and reputable camel farms to help them grow and expand their business.

In addition…


Affordably Priced Camel Milk

The company is doing all that they can to supply Camilk products at an affordable price so that anyone with a need for camel milk can acquire it through their company. Camilk is in the process of developing a camel farm in the United States, located in North Carolina. Currently working to establish a European-based camel farm, the team at Camilk is busy finalizing their newest upcoming camel farm found in Morroco.


Camilk’s Process


Camilk dairy


Camilk Dairy prides themselves in the quality of their products and therefore claims to use only the best procedures when making their Raw Milk Powder and other products. They start the process by freezing the milk fresh from the farm and putting it in a low-temperature vacuum that preserves the full potency of nutrients in the milk when it becomes powder. They then bag the finished product and have it shipped all over the world to satisfied customers.

Their goal is to expand their operations to include farms in 5 different continents making them become the only global camel farm with over 30,000 camels producing over 150,000 liters of milk a day. While this amount of milk may seem strenuous for the small amount of camels they own, with the dramatic increase in sales they have recently detoured, the company is purchasing multiple new camels to take the weight off of some of the older camels. The company prides themselves on being as animal friendly as possible and always treating their camels correctly.


Camilk’s Customer Reviews

Camilk has a wide range of customers that will vouge for the quality of their products as if their sales do not do that for them. Jodi Sibley stated, “Great milk. Awesome customer service.

I have really enjoyed our experience ordering from Camilk Dairy.” As well as many others, Jodi makes the claim that Camilk is quick to deliver and always provides quality customer service. She goes on to say that the camel milk arrives to her house still semi-frozen all the way in Louisiana. She said the milk tastes amazing and that she looks forward to ordering more from this company.


The Highest Quality Camel Milk

Aside from anything health related the customers of Camilk have to say, the quality of the product is almost just as high. Customers from all over the world have stated that despite the extreme distances the camel milk has had to fly to reach the homes of its’ customers, the milk always comes still semi-frozen and it great condition. There have been very few complaints as to the quality of the milk itself and it can be assumed that is because there have rarely ever been problems with the milk and service the company provides to those who are not satisfied with their product.

Camilk has a 100% refund policy guarantee. This means that no matter the reason, if a customer is unsatisfied with their product, Camilk will issue a 100% refund no questions asked. Most of the time they even offer to switch out a product right away and offer to send out the replacement on the same day. Most of the time this is satisfactory to their customers, and in the cases where it is not, the company uses ethical communication to come up with any type of plausible consensus with said customer. Camilk is widely popular for their exceptional customer service and treatment of their camels.


Camilk milk produces and sells a large variety of products made from camel milk. Their most popular product is a two-hundred gram freeze dried bag of raw milk. Expanding their industry to an estimated five continents. They sell mostly freeze-dried raw milk due to the fact that the shelf life almost doubles that of raw liquid milk and the finished product is usually a lot cheaper to make and produce. Customers seem to enjoy this product above all of the other products Camilk offers due to this and the fact that you can make more milk with two hundred grams of the powdered milk as opposed to two hundred grams of the liquid milk. Arguably, no matter which product you buy, Camilk is a company that values their camels and their loyal customers.

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