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After three years of struggling and pain, going from doctor to doctor and no one being able to help we were on the brink of taking our toddler out of the country for treating her diagnosis with Histamine Intolerance, we have finally found not only hope but the answer to all of our sleepless night prayers. On the third day of drinking camel milk we could see a ******** on my daughter's *****, it was ****** and all of the sudden started ******, the ******* went away, most of her teeth had ******** and was ********, now they are ******** and 75% ********, we no longer need to ******** her on a ******** ******** ********, ******** and ******** ********. Her body ******** ******** to all ******** of ******** because of the ******** condition, she sleeps 12 hours straight and can ******** ******** her ******** like any other four year old. One of those sleepless and desperate night researching for help, I came across a medical study done in Israel with camel milk and ***** ****** ******** ********. Camilk is a wonderful and professional company, we were buying raw milk to be delivered frozen to our door, because of summer and high temperatures now we buy Freeze Dried Raw Milk, and its the same quality and it is easier to store, shipping and handling is much cheaper (it weights much less) and easy to mix. I recommend this company and products to all families out there. Cheers to Camel Milk.
Marcelo Ingber
Camilk dairy is the best milk option for my kid with severe cow milk allergy
I have really enjoyed our experience ordering from Camilk Dairy. The milk arrived still semi frozen at my home in Louisiana. Tastes amazing. I look forward to ordering more from this company.
Jodi Sibley
My son was struggling with ******** and ******** problems. I started using ******** ******** ******** and right in the 1st week I saw ******** ******** and ******** ********. I highly recommend it.
Madiha Abdullah
I have been enjoying the raw freeze-dried Camilk for several months now and am noticing a gradual tolerance of foods I previously couldn’t eat! I highly recommend this for ***** ****** ********.
Jennie Webber
I had an issue a while back with placing an order and they were so patient and straightened everything out for me. As for the milk....it has been a ***** **** in my *** ****** ****** for a ***** that ***** *** for 20+ years! It’s amazing!
My son who got diagnosed in the ******** at 22 months and also ******** from ******** ******** and ******** has had some ******** ******** with Camilk Dairy Raw freeze dried camels milk! And we love it! No more ******** and his ******** is no ******** and he actually got some ******** from it! THANK YOU camilk dairy for never failing to deliver our little boys milk every time! Here's my boy enjoying his milk :)
Diana Gonzalez
We have been using this product for last 6 months. We start using camel milk for our son due to some ****** reason and it really helps him to ******** *** ********. We are planning to keep using this product because it keeping our son healthy.
Muniba Hasan
I cannot say enough about Camilk Dairy. My son was ******** with *** and is currently ****** ******. After conducting research on the ****** of ***** *****, I came across camilkdairy.com When my first order arrived, I quickly began substituting my son's while milk with freeze dried camel milk and ****** he was ****** at a ***** ***** as each session *****. I think the benefits of camel milk have finally ***** to the ****** and am so glad I found this website. I look forward to my next order as it has become an ****** ***** of my ***** ****** plan. Thank you so much!
Claudia M
We've tried the Frozen Raw and the Freeze Dried Raw Milk Powder and my picky son loves them both equally! He can't tolerate any normal dairy, and he does great with camel milk. It's helped ******* **** his ****** *******, his ****** *******, and helps his ******! I would recommend this to anyone! And it tastes great!
Sarah Cramer