Why is There so Much Buzz about Camel Milk?

November 13, 2018

Strange and interesting facts are brought up in the media daily. Making those around us question everything from their diets to which celebrity couple is on the verge of a meltdown. Seems like every week there’s a new trend to catch up with.

While many things in the media are pointless gossip, a new super food has made its’ way to center stage, that may be worth paying attention to. This superfood can help with illness from allergies to autism, and it does not stop there. This superfood is good for skin, hair, nails, and pretty much all else you can think of.


What’s this new groundbreaking superfood everyone’s talking about, you ask?

Camel milk.

In this article, you will find newly exposed benefits of camel milk, as well as, statistics of demand in several countries and the growth rate in which it is being sold across the globe. You’ll also find why it could soon become the next item on your list of “must haves” for health-conscious families in the United States, and it may soon become easily available to all.

Camel Milk Uses

Camilk dairy


Understandably, you may be thinking, why would anyone ever want to drink camel milk? What’s camel milk even used for?

Well, we’ll tell you why.

It’s overwhelmingly nutritious.

Not to mention, it tastes fantastic.

There are numerous success stories all over the world wide web from families using camel milk to treat a family member’s illness and discomfort. There are plenty of websites one can acquire this superfood from. But that is not the point of this article. We’re here to shed some light on the most recent news involving camel milk in the media, and the effects of this newfound attention on the camel milk industry.


Camel Milk: USA’s New Hip Superfood

Not so different from avocado and toast, camel milk is the new “It” food. From celebrity to health-conscious mother and family, camel milk is rising in popularity at unprecedented proportion and becoming increasingly widely known and ingested on an almost hourly basis. The sales of camel milk across the globe have almost tripled in as little as three months and all due to social media and current events letting the world know of the “white gold” that is camel milk.

Instyle.CO.UK refers to this newly fathomed superfood as, “High in Vitamin C and low in fat it is also more digestible than cow’s milk and suitable for the lactose-intolerant. And now it’s available in the UK too.” Not only are countries like the United Kingdom and Australia falling head over heels for camel milk, but the United States, it seems, is not far behind.

Celebrity Kim Kardashian is said to have a new obsession over the superfood as well. After posting an image on Instagram of her holding a glass of the white liquid with the caption “Got Camel Milk?” the media went crazy. Fans asked questions in the comments on why and where she got this drink and why she would even consider drinking it.

Googled searches of the benefits of camel milk and why it is superior to all other dairy products. Recipes and even as medicine this drink is spiraling into the fame that comes with a celebrity, as infamous as Kim, taking an industry under their wing.

Yet the question remained, why would a superstar like Kim be interested in drinking something like camel milk?

The answer is in the nutritional value of camel milk…

Camel Milk Nutritional Value

Camilk dairy


Not only is camel milk largely lower in fat than other dairy products, such as cow milk – with 100ml containing 53 calories compared to 62 calories in full-fat cow’s milk – It is also significantly lower in cholesterol. Camel milk also holds over five times more Vitamin C and ten times more iron than traditional cow’s milk.

Looking good yet?

Any individual with Lactose Intolerance would agree. Especially benefitting them, it lacks the protein beta-casein and other common allergens found in cow’s milk making it suitable (and highly recommended) for anyone to consume – Even our lactose intolerance friends in the world.

The Price of Camel Milk

Those of you out there asking yourselves, “What’s the catch for such a healthy, delicious superfood on the market?” the answer is “None”!

Well, except for the fact that camel milk does come at a slightly higher price than other dairy products…

While CamelsMilk UK sells their version from camel dairy farms in the UAE for £6 per 500ml container, MuscleFood.com is currently selling 500ml bottles of raw, unpasteurized Camel Milk from grass-fed camels in Holland for £19.

A reasonable explanation for the extreme prices lies in the fact that camels can only produce milk when they have had a baby. Even then they can only produce 5-6 liters a day. This makes the prices seem a little bit more understandable.


We’re sure demand would rise even higher with a slight decrease in pricing

(Hint, Hint at the camel milk companies out there).

Camilk Dairy: Reasonably Priced Camel Milk

Many camel milk companies have taken the hint and are selling their products for drastically lower prices than most.

Camilk Dairy sells their products in all shapes and sizes for lower than average prices. At a recent price drop due to the immensely increasing demand in the economy, we sell our milk for $6.50 US for an 8-ounce bottle of camel milk.

Our camels are the healthiest and happiest in the industry. On top of that, we’re your best bet for fair priced camel milk. Not to mention our reputation of withstanding the most impeccable customer service and product review. Camilk Dairy is blowing away the competition by producing the most and best product at the quickest pace, to seemingly the most satisfied customers.

While camel milk is not as new as it seems, it’s debatably one of the highest quality and most beneficial of this decade altogether. So, if you are in the market for a new healthy treat, or maybe you just want to feel a little less sniffly during flu season, try giving camel milk a shot. Who knows, you may be head over heels for the beverage in due time, not unlike celebrity Kim Kardashian.

Look out USA, your next trending superfood is on its way, in all its white glistening glory, and heads up Kim K, one of perhaps your biggest health tricks, may no longer be much of a secret anymore.

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